Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks Budokai Tenkaichi 2



Gameplay Edit

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Z-Items Edit

Here are recommanded items for SSJ 3 Gotenks.

  1. Equipement Slots +3
  2. Health +19

Data Edit


Base Maxed out
Life 40.000
Overall Attack rating  %  %
Overall Defense rating 100 %  %
Blast Gauge charging time
Max Blast Stock 3
Ki full charging time
Ki bars at start of the battle 1
Ki bars auto regen max 2
Max Power Mode duration
Hits combos Attack Defense
Base Maxed out Base Maxed out
Rush attack 5 2.250 3.430 1.610 1.000
Smash 1 1.900 2.890 1.400 860
Grab 12 3.550 5.390 2.450 1.500
Ki blasts rush 9 4.500 6.840 1.250 800
Per blast 1 500 760 250 160
Charged ki blast 1 1.480 2.250 1.080 660
Kamehameha - - - 4.800 2.940

Common traits and techniquesEdit

Passives Common melee moves Max Power Mode
Absorb Ki Blasts - Banishing Attack Yes Banishing Attack + +1
Cyborg - Step-In Yes Homing Dragon + +2
Fly Yes Rush In Yes Ki Blast Defense Armor
Giant - Chase Attack Yes Rush Armor Yes
Lock-On Type Z-type High Speed Motion Yes Super Movement Yes
Range Short Lift Strike / Air Combos Yes Super Dash Yes
Stun Power High Ground Slash Yes Violent Rush Yes
Stun Defense - Dragon Tornado Yes Hyper Smash Yes
Rolling Hammer - Max Power Combo Yes
Sonic Impact Yes Max Power Combo Finish Yes
Massive Throw -
Illusion Slash Yes

Melee specific movesEdit

Type Inputs Move
Finishers 4x A , B Flying Kick
3x A , B (, B , B , A) Heavy Finish + Heavy Crush
2x A , B (, B , B , A) Heavy Finish + Heavy Crush
A , B ( B) Kiai Cannon + Smash
Counters Rush, Guard Counter Throw
Step-In, Guard Step-In Strike
Smash cancel Feint Sway
Step-In attacks B (, B, B, A) Step-In Heavy + Heavy Crush
Up + B Step-In Lift Strike
Down + B (, B, B, A) Sway Ground Slash + Dragon Tornado
Throw Up + Dash Throws ennemy straight forward.

Ki BlastsEdit

Position Description
Ki Blasts
Neutral Fires up to 9 Ki Blasts with great range, speed and accuracy, and slightly curved trajectory.
Dash Fires 4 regular Ki Blasts at the cost of only one.
Jump Fires 8 regular Ki Blasts at reduced cost, but with short range.
Ki Blast
Neutral Twirling Ki Blast, pin-point accuracy, trajectory is up-curved from afar, straight if next to opponent.

Blast techniquesEdit

Blast 1
Blast Cost Quick description
Vice Shout 2 / 3 Paralyze the ennemy at close range.
Finish Sign 2 / 3 Stackable boost until use of a Blast move.
Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast
Ki Cost (/5) Hits Damages Wiimote move Quick description
Standard Wiimote
Base Maxed Base Maxed
Big Tree Cannon 3 6 5.040 13.020 7.620 19.740 ?




Chargeable energy beam.
DIE DIE Missile Barrage 4 1 10 1.000 10.000 1.520 15.200 ? ? ? 10 fireballs volley.
Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volley Ball (Ultimate) 5 4


15.510 16.000 23.560 24.050 ? ? ? Long rush ; transport to the center of the arena, in the air, and smashes the ennemy downward.


Cost Inputs Bonus
Base Gotenks - Down + Transform -

Miscellanous Edit

Dragon Library description Edit

This is Gotenks in his Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

Gotenks first made this transformation in order to escape the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Then, calling himself the "Grim Reaper of Justice", Gotenks proceeded to overwhelm Majin Buu with his amazing powers.

In this form, Gotenks adds a whole new set of wacky moves to his arsenal, including the "Ultra Buu-Buu Volleyball".

With his awesome fighting abilities and his numerous original finishing moves, one might think that Gotenks had become invincible. Once again, however, his great weakness is the short amount of time the Fusion can be maintained.

Voice Actors Edit

Masako Nozawa and Takeshi Kusao

How to Unlock Edit

Complete Gotenks Confidence.

In Dragon Adventure and Ultimate Battle modes Edit

SSJ 3 Gotenks is playable only in Fight ! Super Gotenks ! But he's never fought as opponent.