Cyborg is a passive trait shared by android characters.


This trait gives to the character these particularities :

Ki regenerationEdit

Androids can't charge up their Ki (by using the B-button or L2-button). So the only way to build up Ki is through the standard Ki regeneration over time. Like all characters, androids have different rates and limits concerning the Ki auto-regeneration.

Generally, androids have a faster Ki auto-regeneration than other characters, and can auto-regenerate their Ki to the full bar (where majority of the roster can only auto-regenerate up to 1 or 2 Ki bars). Player can exploit this to harass the ennemy at close-combat and then use a Blast Move fuelled by the auto-regeneration.

Android #19 and Dr.Gero are an exception : their auto-regeneration limit are respectively equal to zero and one bar. So they can't build up Ki on their own (Android #19 can only build up to a single Ki Bar). Instead, they must steal Ki by grabbing ennemies or absorbing Ki Blasts or grabbing ennemies. Note that they can equip Hi-Tension (but not Eternal Energy Device), but its Ki recovery rate is so slow that it is almost useless.

Once the Ki gauge is full, player can charge up to reach the Max Power Mode, like all other characters.


Normally, if

  • a character is charging up Ki or have more than 50% Ki
  • this character hasn't be locked-on by the opponent
  • and the opponent has either Z-type or Scouter-type research mode

a constant white ping appears on opponent's radar, revealing character's position.

As cyborgs don't emit energy in the manga, they never display this energy-signature ping on radars.